Here's What Industry Insiders Say About Office Cleaning

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service for your office but don’t know where to begin? Finding a great cleaning company that meets all of your needs is critical for a safe and healthy workplace. This article offers advice from industry insiders on how to find a good deal and avoid potential scams when hiring a cleaning service. If you want to learn more about commercial office cleaning, get in touch with Beyond Cleaning Group right away.

Knowing the characteristics of a great cleaning service is one of the first steps in finding the right cleaning service for you! Here are some characteristics of a good cleaning service.

Always Look for Trained and Professional staff

Cleaners who have been properly trained and conduct themselves professionally go a long way. To ensure that your cleaners do more than just the basics, proper training is required. Understanding how to properly disinfect and create a healthy, germ-free environment is critical for your and your employees’ health.

When working with commercial cleaners, many customers have the impression that the staff is uncaring or uncooperative. A professional staff team that has been trained not only in cleaning but also in customer service is one step toward providing a great cleaning service.

The Right Equipment Can Make a Huge Difference

When cleaning your office, good office cleaning services will use modern, appropriate equipment. Up-to-date equipment does not always imply brand new. It does, however, imply that the cleaning company is employing industry-standard equipment and efficient cleaning tools to sanitize and clean each space in your office. Don’t be afraid to ask a cleaning service what kind of equipment they use ahead of time.

Cleaning Techniques are Evolving

A great cleaning company will use efficient cleaning techniques in addition to the proper use of good equipment. No one enjoys a hasty cleaning job, which is one of the most difficult challenges customers face when looking for commercial cleaners.

However, it is critical that office cleaning services do not take longer than necessary to complete the job. Efficient cleaning techniques will take the least amount of time while maintaining cleanliness and sanitation. As with the use of equipment, do not be afraid to ask a cleaning service what cleaning techniques they employ on a daily basis.

Remember, office cleaning techniques are evolving. So, best ask them about the techniques that they employ out front to get the most out of their service.

Watch Out for Consistency and Organization

Wondering when your commercial office cleaning company will arrive or what they will clean when they arrive is inconvenient and not a sign of a reputable company. There will be no surprises if you hire a well-organized and reputable cleaning company. A clear, consistent schedule that works for the customer – and a company that follows that schedule – is an excellent quality in a commercial cleaning company.

A cleaning schedule includes more than just the time when a cleaning service arrives. It also includes the completion of tasks. A good cleaning company will inform clients how frequently tasks such as cleaning floors, sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, or dusting baseboards or window sills will be completed.

Make Sure All Instructions are Clear

A great commercial cleaning company will always maintain open lines of communication with clients and place a premium on providing excellent customer service. Good customer service does not occur only before a transaction is completed; it occurs throughout the entire process, including after the job is completed and the customer has any feedback or complaints.

Clear communication entails clearly outlining prices so that customers are not left in the dark about how much the job will cost, as well as responding quickly to questions or comments from customers or potential customers.

When in Doubt, Consult Online Reviews

Word of mouth has always been powerful. As online reviews become more popular, it’s easier to see what your “neighbors” think. Of course, no business will have a perfect score. Reading through online reviews and seeing what positive and negative reviews previous or current customers have said will give you a good idea of how a cleaning service operates and if they are generally well received.

And Finally, Watch Out for Scams!

Scams occur in every industry, including the commercial cleaning industry. Understanding the characteristics of a great office cleaning service will assist you in avoiding a bad deal or a scam – but that is only the first step. It’s also critical to understand what a scam looks like and how to avoid one, as some scammers have been around for a long time and know how to pass themselves off as a reputable company. Here are a few insider tips for avoiding scams and bad deals.

Beware of extremely low prices

You know how they say that if something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is? Be wary if one company quotes you significantly lower than all others for the same services. Once the job is underway, the price may suddenly rise for “unforeseeable” reasons.

Ask Questions

It’s fine to be skeptical, and a little prudence can go a long way. It’s simple to impersonate a website or sound professional over the phone. Do some research, read reviews, and ask questions about techniques and equipment that only a reputable cleaning service would be able to answer.

Request for Documentation

Words, no matter how powerful they are, are empty. It is not official unless it is in writing. A written quote, rather than a phone number, is required to avoid a bad deal. It is critical that you read, comprehend, and agree to a written contract or form; verbal confirmation is insufficient.

Are they being suspicious?

As previously stated, a reputable company will be upfront about costs and what their prices include. Office cleaning companies that refuses to answer your questions or refuses to provide specific information about the tasks they will complete is a major red flag.

Read the fine print

No one enjoys reading the fine print, which is why many people are frustrated or duped by unprofessional businesses. Though it may not be enjoyable, reading the fine print can save you a lot of trouble later on!

You’ve heard it from the industry insiders! Now it’s time to work with the office cleaning company that’s right for you. Find the best in office cleaning near you through the help of Beyond Cleaning Group. Give us a call today!

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