This Year Is The Year Of Cleaning Service Industries

Over the years, Australia’s cleaning service industry has significantly grown. Many entrepreneurs are setting shop and opening their own cleaning services businesses all across the country. While the niche is becoming highly competitive, it’s extremely possible for new companies to enter the market.

The booming success of the industry proves one thing—Aussies do love to keep their spaces clean. With the coronavirus pandemic still at an all-time high in most states across the country, sanitation and cleanliness come as a priority. Indeed, it’s safe to say that this is the year of the cleaning service industry!

However, you might be wondering all the reasons why. Well, here are some interesting facts about the growth and market size of the cleaning service industry in the country.

1. The Cleaning Industry Has Been Booming across the World.

Surprisingly, the whole cleaning service industry is growing exponentially in other countries. In fact, the global cleaning service market is estimated to reach $74B next year. This is according to the recent statistics published by Allied Market Research.

More than that, it also sees an upward growth rate of 6.6% every year from 2016 to 2022. This only means that the demand for high-quality cleaning services is also felt by everyone, especially due to the strict health and safety protocols implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

2. Australia’s Commercial Cleaning Industry is Worth Over $10B.

The commercial cleaning industry alone is valued at half the market value of some powerhouse companies, like Aristocrat Leisure Limited. Currently, there are more the 30,000 commercial cleaning businesses in the country employing more than 150,000 people.

Due to this steady growth, the industry will be expected to be valued at $12B in 2022. It’s said to be among the key employers this year and for the next years to come. While most service-based occupations are put to a stop, cleaning services and hiring home cleaners remain to be top of mind for most Australians.

3. There Would Be No Decline in Demand—Pandemic or Not.

Many people often think that the increase in demand for cleaning services is highly attributed to the pandemic. However, this is not entirely true. Since more infrastructures and properties are built within key commercial cities, the rising need for cleaning service companies will even be greater after the pandemic.

As we usher into the new normal, more and more people will choose to outsource these services to professional cleaning companies. This only means that the industry will likely grow by 1.8% based on the estimated projections.

4. High-Quality and Professional Solutions Guarantee Client Retention.

The cleaning service industry revolves around results! According to market reports, many patrons continue to avail of cleaning services because of their hassle-free, convenient, and high-quality results.

It goes without saying that the decrease in growth rate might be influenced by the lack of confidence and dissatisfaction of customers due to poor service. Moreover, most cleaning businesses lose half of their clients as a result.

This only stresses that while the demand for cleaning services is at its peak, customers are still privy to getting the best home cleaners for their space’s upkeep.

5. Many Cleaning Companies are Going Green.

Sustainability is among the universal values cleaning businesses seek to push forward. That’s why many professional cleaning providers shift to a greener approach. There is quite a lot of buzz among the biz on adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning practices. This includes using eco-friendly products and better waste disposal methods.

All of which are geared to protect the environment and ensure that your homes and spaces are free from any harsh and harmful chemicals.

6. Residential Cleaning Tops the List!

Among the different types of professional cleaning solutions, residential cleaning businesses are the most in-demand. In fact, they have generated the highest revenue. But what is the reason behind this? Well, it is mainly because of the country’s aging baby boomer population.

Many Australians are enjoying the retirement lifestyle. That’s why they prefer to hire professional home cleaning services to keep their properties clean.

Bottomline: Make the Most of the Hype!

Since 2021 has been a good year for cleaning industries, it’s best to take full advantage of the deals and promotions offered by most cleaning companies. Partnering with professional home or office cleaners will definitely give you a lot of time to focus on doing the things you enjoy the most!

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