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Set Your Own Rate

You can charge whatever you want for your services. We suggest to bear in mind that you aren’t doing any advertising, quoting, 15-30 minute booking phone calls, invoicing and chasingup payments. So perhaps factor that in, but if you want to charge the same rate you bill as a sole trader, that’s fine. You set your rate.

Our Margin

It might look as though Beyond Cleaning Group adds a 40 or 50% margin and pockets it all. In reality it’s a bit more complicated.


Good and Services Tax


Workers Compensation


Credit Card Fee, +.30 transaction fee


NSW Long Service Leave

After all of those costs, our margin works out to be between $10 and $11 per hour. And then we start to deduct our variable costs associated with running the business.
In the 2019 year, those costs amounted to $200,000 (before paying the owner a wage).


Which gets mind-bogglingly more expensive as a business grows


Launch27 costs $500USD per month and then we have the ticketing softwares, SMS software, database software, digital storage, website costs etc


Telephone connections, administration staff wages, recruitment costs, etc

So we don’t feel that the $10 an hour that we take before expenses is at all unreasonable. In fact it’s probably too generous!

Would The Customer Pay That Much?

The customer benefit by having the recruitment process looked after knowing that the cleaners have been field tested and passed the rigorous standards that we have developed over 10 years in the business.

They got booking reminders, easy payments and someone that will answer the phone from 9-5pm

We also mediate disagreements, in the event that anything goes wrong

We always have administration staff ready to work on filling their booking should their regular cleaner be unavailable. Customers are willing to pay extra because we add valiue.

What Is The Catch Then?

Being on our platform costs you nothing. We’re out there advertising for you. Putting you forward as one of the best local cleaners, completely free.

Many Jobs Opportunities, Paid At The Rate You Deserve


Experienced Mediation



Help When You Need It

Many Job Opportunities,
Paid At The Rate You Deserve

Beyond Cleaning Group aims to be on the first page of Google for every keyword that customers may use to find a cleaning service and we invest heavily in achieving that goal. If you qualify to work with us, you will be presented among the best cleaners in the region, in the most prominent position online, giving you many job opportunities, paid at the rate that you deserve.

Free Marketing

We also work on your marketing for free. You give us a quick bio and we clean it up so that it is well presented and addresses the things that we know our customers value. We have a really good insight on what customers are looking for, after having many thousands of conversations over the years. Your profile will be tagged with your skills and qualifications and we will monitor and select your best feedback to put on your profile.

Experienced Mediation

You also benefit from our mediation. If you get unlucky enough to encounter an unreasonable customer, we can be your advocate. All we ask is that you communicate well with us and let us know your side of the story. Of course you need to accept responsibility and acknowledge any shortcomings where you can, but if we have a history with you and our customers have rated you well, we have strong grounds to back you up.

Limited Liability

Even the best cleaners can have bad days or bad customers. As a sole trader, it is your responsibility to accept the commercial risk and potential loss when things go wrong. But Beyond Cleaning Group very often wears the cost of discounts to dissatisfied customers. We always offer our margin as a discount to the customer first. Once we calmly discuss everything with them and offer our solution, we have found that they usually do not request anything extra.

Customer Screening

We can’t always promise to get it right, but dealing with so many customers over the years has fine tuned our radar and given us a good sense for which jobs to avoid. As a result of our experience, you are less likely to encounter unreasonable customers than if you work on your own.

Help When You Need It

Got a cleaning or customer question? You can call us and talk to our administration team, who have all cleaned themselves and who can also ask other cleaners in our network for advice.

Our internal training is free for you to access. Our internal cleaning team (Employees of Beyond Cleaning Group) will soon begin to undertake a weekly or fortnightly training session that will cover anything from cleaning and health and safety to customer service, communication skills and conflict resolution. The training is about building us up as people, not just as cleaners. We offer those
recordings to our subcontractors free of charge.

There isn ‘t really a catch. We understand that happy people deliver the best service. We exist because we provide extra value to our customers and by giving you the services above for free, our customers have a better experience too. We have learned that it is our job to help you succeed, to lighten your load, and to support your right to a fair wage. We are a team and we are here to support each other. We want to work with cleaners to create more rewarding jobs and a better standard for the cleaning industry.




6 Marvell St Byron Bay
NSW 2481 Australia

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