Our Cleaning Team Is Made Up Of Employees And Contractors, So What's The Difference?

February, 27 2020

At Beyond Cleaning Group, our team is made up of employees and contractors. Our small but steadily growing employment team is primarily responsible for our Aged Home Care and NDIS cleaning, and soon, our Premium Cleaning Service.

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Beyond Cleaning Group Employees are:

  • Supplied with the same professional cleaning kit including a backpack vacuum, professional-quality mop and bucket and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Police checked
  • Uniformed
  • Their work is quality checked regularly
  • They receive ongoing training
  • The face of our business
  • Paid the award wage
  • Work the schedule we require
  • Covered under our Public Liability insurance 

Our Contractors:

  • Are experienced cleaners, reference checked and field-tested
  • Provide their own cleaning kit (they must supply an eco-friendly option)
  • ABN holders
  • Set their own schedule
  • Negotiate their own payment rate
  • Do not receive training
  • Are not regularly quality checked
  • Personally insured or have made a contractual agreement to self-insure and cover the cost of any damages

Both Employees and Contractors:

  • Subject to Ratings emails
  • Insured by workers compensation
  • Expected to behave professionally
  • Expected to be well presented
  • Must maintain a rating of 4 stars or above to continue working with us.

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